A ready-to-use solution:

Improve the customer experience
Streamline the work of your teams
Track reservations and test-drives
Before your test-drive stages:
Configuration of stages (dates, sites, etc.)
Availability configuration (monitors, vehicles)
Mailing and sms campaign (invitation, confirmation, reminder, etc.)
Mini registration site (GDPR, contact details, sites, etc.)
Live reporting of bookings
Qualification and source of prospects
Team training
During your tests-drives stages:
Customer reception (paperless administrative formalities)
Planning of upcoming reservations
On-site bookings
Tracking vehicle departures and returns
Portable wifi infrastructure
Possible leads qualification
Live monitoring of reservations transformation into test-drives
After the tests-drives:
Emailing and sms campaigns (thanks-you, satisfaction survey, etc.)
Final test-drives reporting (occupancy, repartition, no show, etc.)
Simplified management of ticket (speeding,...) transmission
Sending data into customer CRM

Move-On Test Drive key benefits

Available in iOS and Android
For smartphone or tablet
A comprehensive solution
Real-time configuration
Customizable fields
Reading QR Code badges
Excel exports and imports
Multi events
Multiple user accounts management
Data access rights according to user profile
Email and SMS notifications
CRM / ERP interface
PDF export of disclaimer

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